Topaz Photo AI – Improve photo quality by AI [WIN-MAC]

Topaz Photo AI – Magic for your photo editor 

You can use Topaz Photo AI directly from your photo editor as a filter in Photoshop or Lightroom Classic as well as a standalone application.

We are faced with a super intuitive program with which we can have different options with demanding graphics. The power of the software allows you to give more quality to your photos, improving quality and detail . It’s what you need if you want to create a large print from a low resolution file or crop files without losing quality. 

Image quality in image resolution

Now we can increase the size of low resolution photographs without losing quality or details in addition to maintaining all the original details. When Artificial Intelligence increases the full scale, it fills in the missing pixels by remembering the millions of real details of similar images.

With traditional enlargement software, images are severely lacking in detail, but Topaz Photo AI can recognize original detail and low-resolution files and transform them into sharper, clearer refreshed images. Thanks to the use of its Artificial Intelligence, this program preserves and improves the original details in an image magnification of up to 6x. 

Start using Topaz Photo AI now

This software is very easy to use even though it seems complex. To enlarge any image to the size you want, you just have to drag your files, choose the scale for your image, select the best AI model, adjust and save. It has a batch processing function so you can enlarge multiple images at the same time for greater productivity. The new update has various advanced AI magnification models depending on the image you use and the scale you need. It also includes an Artificial Intelligence model to enlarge portraits with perfect facial recovery. 

We have a new interface with the main resizing tools, a browser with zoom and different options to enter the scale, width or height of your photos.

Topaz AI Options and Settings

We have five different Artificial Intelligence models with which to achieve the best results:

  • Perfect standard for landscapes, animals, nature and portraits.
  • Lines is ideal for cityscapes, photos of buildings or typography.
  • Art & CG very useful for drawings, paintings, CGI’s.
  • Low Resolution recommended for low resolution images that retain original details.
  • Very Compressed best suited for old and small images.

Let’s get the most out of this program with its additional settings :

  • Suppress noise: reduces digital noise in the scaled photo. You should not overdo it to avoid unnatural results.
  • Reduce Blur:  Reduces the blur created when enlarging files.
  • Reduces color bleed: Minimizes color bleeding due to magnification.
  • Face Recovery:  This is the new facial refinement tool and it’s amazing. The AI ​​recognizes faces and corrects them. You can soften some of the details of the face, you can adjust the slider and adapt it according to your project. It’s great for pixelated and blurry images.


Revolutionizing Image Enhancement with Topaz Photo AI:

Topaz Photo AI emerges as a magical addition to your photo editor, seamlessly integrating as a filter in Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, or as a standalone application. The software is not just powerful; it’s super intuitive, offering a myriad of options with demanding graphics to enhance the quality and detail of your photos.

Unparalleled Image Resolution Boost:

The standout feature of Topaz Photo AI is its ability to increase the size of low-resolution photographs without compromising on quality or details. Traditional enlargement software often results in images lacking in detail, but Topaz Photo AI, fueled by Artificial Intelligence, recognizes and enhances original details in low-resolution files, delivering sharper and clearer images even when magnified up to 6x.

Ease of Use and Batch Processing:

Despite its sophisticated capabilities, Topaz Photo AI remains remarkably easy to use. Enlarging images to the desired size is as simple as dragging your files, choosing the scale, selecting the best AI model, making adjustments, and saving. The batch processing function further enhances productivity, allowing users to enlarge multiple images simultaneously. The new update introduces advanced AI magnification models, including an AI model specifically designed for enlarging portraits with perfect facial recovery.

Diverse AI Models for Optimal Results:

Topaz Photo AI offers five distinct Artificial Intelligence models tailored for various scenarios:

  1. Perfect Standard: Ideal for landscapes, animals, nature, and portraits.
  2. Lines: Suited for cityscapes, photos of buildings, or typography.
  3. Art & CG: Useful for drawings, paintings, and CGI.
  4. Low Resolution: Recommended for enhancing low-resolution images while retaining original details.
  5. Very Compressed: Best for old and small images.

Fine-Tune Your Edits with Additional Settings:

Topaz AI provides users with additional settings to fine-tune their edits:

  • Suppress Noise: Reduces digital noise in scaled photos, with a caution against overdoing it to avoid unnatural results.
  • Reduce Blur: Minimizes the blur created during file enlargement.
  • Reduce Color Bleed: Mitigates color bleeding resulting from magnification.
  • Face Recovery: An outstanding facial refinement tool that leverages AI to recognize and correct faces. This feature is particularly beneficial for pixelated and blurry images, allowing users to soften details and adjust sliders according to the project’s requirements.

Conclusion: Topaz Photo AI – A Must-Have for Precision Photo Editing:

Topaz Photo AI has set a new standard in photo editing, providing a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Whether you’re enhancing landscapes, creating cityscapes, or refining portraits, the diverse AI models and additional settings ensure optimal results. The software’s ability to preserve and enhance original details while magnifying images is nothing short of magical. With Topaz Photo AI, photographers and editors can elevate their projects with unprecedented detail and quality, making it an indispensable tool in the realm of digital creativity.


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