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AIKit – WordPress AI Automatic Writer, Chatbot, Writing Assistant & Content Repurposer / OpenAI GPT

Introducing AIKit, a revolutionary all-in-one WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates your website with OpenAI’s cutting-edge generative AI text & image models, including GPT-3 and GPT-4 & DALL.E. With AIKit, you can tap into the power of artificial intelligence to effortlessly create compelling content and stunning images. Unlock plenty of possibilities, such as automating content generation, repurposing/spinning articles and even YouTube videos, enhancing your website with an elegant Chatbot, crafting comprehensive paragraphs on any imaginable topic, condensing text into concise summaries, transforming language for better understanding, and unleashing a wealth of engaging marketing copy and attention-grabbing titles.


  • Automatic Content Writer. AIKit automatic content writer empowers you to effortlessly create high-quality articles for your website. Generate any number of articles in a matter of seconds, and let AI do the hard work for you. With our AI automatic content writer, you can specify SEO keywords to focus on when generating content, ensuring that your articles rank higher in search engines and drive more traffic to your website.

    You can also choose the post type – whether it’s a page, post, or any other format that suits your needs. Furthermore, you can specify the category of your articles, making it easy for your audience to find and read the content that interests them. AIKit auto writer also offers complete flexibility in terms of how you want your articles structured. You can define the number of sections per article and how long each section should be, allowing you to tailor the content to your audience’s preferences. You can even include an outline, TL;DRs, and conclusion to make your articles more engaging and informative.

    You can automatically add a featured article image and section images to each of your articles, making them more visually appealing and engaging to your readers. Whether you want to post your articles as drafts or publish them directly, AIKit auto writer offers complete control over the entire process.

  • Content repurposing AIKit content repurposing feature allows you to repurpose or spin existing content by generating new content from it. Just enter the URL of the article you want to repurpose, and AIKit will generate a new article based on it. You can edit the extracted content from the URL before repurposing, specify SEO keywords to focus on, choose the number of articles to generate, the post type, and the category of the generated posts, etc.
  • RSS automatic content repurpose/spinner AIKit RSS automatic content repurpose/spinner feature allows you to repurpose or spin existing RSS feeds by generating new content from them. Just enter the URL of the RSS feed and AIKit will keep following it and importing articles from it and generate articles based on them. You can specify the number of posts to generate, choose type, category and status of generated posts, auto generate images and much more.
  • YouTube video repurposing AIKit YouTube video repurposing feature allows you to repurpose or spin existing YouTube videos by generating new content from them. Just enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to repurpose, and AIKit will generate a new article based on it. You can edit the extracted content from the URL before repurposing, specify SEO keywords to focus on, choose the number of articles to generate, the post type, and the category of the generated posts, etc. This feature depends on an external API that offers a generous free tier.
  • Scheduling Automatic Content AIKit automatic post generation scheduler allows you to schedule the generation of posts (via the Auto Writer) on your website. You can specify the number of posts to generate, the post type, and the category of the posts, etc. You can also specify the time interval between each post generation and how many times a generation should run, allowing you to generate posts at regular intervals while maintaining complete control over the process.
  • Chatbot Introducing AIKit Chatbot, the remarkable addition that brings a whole new dimension of interaction to your website. With this incredible feature, you can seamlessly integrate a chatbot that perfectly aligns with your website’s aesthetics and tone. Take charge of customizing its appearance, crafting a warm welcome message, and tailoring its behavior to suit your visitors’ preferences. But that’s not all! Elevate the chatbot’s capabilities by making it context-aware, allowing it to provide insightful answers and guidance related to the specific page your users are on. Inject a touch of personality by configuring the chatbot to respond in a way that matches your desired style, be it witty, informative, or engaging. Choose the most suitable model to use for chat, decide where the chatbot should be displayed, and explore a multitude of other customization options. You can also log all the conversations that happen with the chatbot to monitor its accuracy and improve it over time.
  • (NEW) Embeddings [Watch video tutorial] AIKit Embeddings allows you to turn your data into vector representation which can be used to build an amazing Chatbot experience to answer your customers’ questions about your product or service. Using embeddings is currently the best way to allow your customers to “chat” with your website, ask questions about your services and get accurate answers tailored to their question all while saving a lot on costs compared to other ways to achieve the same results.
  • Fine-tune your own models Unleash the full potential of AI with AIKit Fine-tuner! Effortlessly input your data, CSV files, or let AIKit work its magic by transforming your pages & posts into valuable question-and-answer pairs that will be used to train your model.

    Customize and control the prompt/completion pairs to reflect your brand’s unique voice. With AIKit Fine-tuner, you can fine-tune your AI models with targeted knowledge to use them later to generate more of your custom content, or even use them to power your Chatbot to answer your customers’ questions about your products and services.

  • Text-to-Speech (ElevenLabs) – [Watch Video] AIKit Text-to-Speech feature allows you to convert your posts/pages into spoken content powered by the best and the most realistic AI voices from ElevenLabs.
    You can fully customize your audio player to match the colors of your branding, the voice, model and many more options.
  • Stable Diffusion Image Generation AIKit now supports Stable Diffusion Image Generation along with DALL.E. Stable diffusion (from allows you to generate high-quality images from text prompts. This integration is available within all your favourite WordPress editors like Gutenberg, Classic editor, WooCommerce, Elementor and also available for all background automatic image generation jobs like within auto-writer and repurposer.
  • GPT-4 & GPT-3.5-turbo (& gpt-3.5-turbo-16k) support. AIKit provides support for all text generation models from OpenAI, including the latest gpt-4 and gpt-3.5-turbo models which generate human-like text with exceptional quality.
  • DALL.E 2 image generation from the comfort of your editor. AIKit is allows you to generate images that are matching to you posts using text-to-image DALL.E 2 API. This feature is available within Gutenberg, Classic editor and Elementor.
  • Works within Gutenberg editor. AIKit is compatible with the Gutenberg editor for seamless integration into your WordPress website.
  • Works within WordPress classic editor. AIKit is fully integrated with the WordPress classic editor so you can use it to generate content directly from your favourite editor.
  • Integrated with Elementor. AIKit brings AI text & image generation to Elementor. Increase your productivity with the all new AIKit Elementor widget and leverage AI content right inside your favourite page editor. Important: requires Elementor v3.5 or later.
  • Works with WooCommerce. Use AI to help you write your product description and short description right in your WooCommerce editor.
  • Add/Edit Prompts. Easily add, edit or reorder prompts for all supported languages so you can always have them in the “AI” menu with you need them in the editor.
  • Integrates directly with GPT-3 & GPT-4. No third party in between. You don’t need to pay monthly subscription fees (besides your usage for OpenAI’s API)
  • Super configurable. Choose the models to use (gpt-4, gpt-3.5-turbo, davinci, curie, ada, etc), fine-tune the amount of text generated by the plugin to control your cost, import and export settings and prompts and more.
  • Multi-language support (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovak, Romanian, Georgian, Czech, Lithuanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Croatian, Ukrainian and Hebrew). You can choose the language you want from settings page. Extra languages can be added upon request in the comments section.
  • Set the personality or style of generated text: Set the style of models to follow a certain style, perspective or persona when it comes to generating text. (Works only with GPT-4 and gpt-3.5-turbo models).
  • Write complete paragraphs: Write complete paragraphs on any topic you can imagine!
  • Summerize text: Quickly and easily generate summaries of any text, making information digestible and easy to understand.
  • Paraphrase: Quickly and easily edit text without spending hours doing it yourself!
  • Change text tone: Rewrite your text in a sarcastic way to make it interesting to your audience.
  • Generate catchy subtitles: Get ideas on the best titles that fit your text.
  • Generate compelling ad copy: Turn any dull piece of text into an interesting ad copy that you can use in your ad campaigns & articles.
  • Find matching quotes: Generate marching quotes that help you get your message across much easier.
  • Explain like I’m 5 years old: Simplify complex concepts to your audience with a click of a button.
  • Generate image prompts: Leverage the creativity of generative AI models to generate image prompts that you can use in text-to-image models to generate images for your article.

Product roadmap:

Here is a list the features that will most probably be added to the plugin next.

  • Further Chatbot improvements visually and adding more features.
  • Add AI features that enhances the SEO of your website.


AIKit supports all WordPress versions starting from version 5.8.x.

Elementor widget requires Elementor v3.5 or later.



AIKit, the all-in-one WordPress plugin, introduces a new era of website integration with OpenAI’s advanced generative AI models, including GPT-3, GPT-4, and DALL.E. This revolutionary tool opens up a world of possibilities, from automating content creation to transforming text and images effortlessly.

The Automatic Content Writer feature in AIKit empowers users to generate high-quality articles with ease. By specifying SEO keywords, post types, and categories, users can tailor content for higher search engine rankings. The flexibility to structure articles, add images, and control the publishing process provides complete control.

AIKit’s Content Repurposing feature allows users to spin or repurpose existing content effortlessly. Simply enter the URL of the article, and AIKit generates a new article based on it. With options for editing content, specifying SEO keywords, and choosing post types, users can breathe new life into their existing material.

The plugin’s ability to repurpose RSS feeds and YouTube videos adds to its versatility. Users can transform these external sources into fresh, engaging content for their websites. The scheduling feature enables automated post generation, ensuring a consistent flow of content over time.

The introduction of AIKit Chatbot brings interactive engagement to websites. Users can customize the chatbot’s appearance, behavior, and even make it context-aware, providing insightful answers related to specific pages. With support for multiple models, the chatbot becomes a valuable addition to enhance user experience.

AIKit’s Embeddings feature turns data into vector representations for a seamless chatbot experience. Fine-tune your own models with AIKit Fine-tuner, allowing targeted knowledge input for precise content generation.

The Text-to-Speech feature, powered by ElevenLabs, transforms posts and pages into spoken content with realistic AI voices. Users can fully customize the audio player to match their branding, voice, and model preferences.

AIKit’s support for Stable Diffusion Image Generation and DALL.E 2 elevates image generation capabilities. The plugin seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, Classic editor, WooCommerce, Elementor, and more.

With support for GPT-4, GPT-3.5-turbo, and DALL.E, AIKit stands at the forefront of AI text and image generation. It integrates directly with OpenAI, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries. The plugin is super configurable, allowing users to choose models, fine-tune settings, and control costs.

The extensive language support, including English, French, German, Spanish, and many more, caters to a global audience. AIKit promises a feature-rich roadmap, including further Chatbot enhancements, SEO-focused AI features, and continuous compatibility updates.

In summary, AIKit is a game-changing WordPress plugin that brings the power of OpenAI’s AI models to the fingertips of website owners. From content creation to image generation, it offers a comprehensive suite of features for a seamless and intelligent website experience.


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