Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 – v23.6 [WIN]

Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 – Content Creators

In addition to new performance improvements and support for new video recording devices, Premiere Pro 2023 includes new improvements to its tools .

Below we show the main new features that we will introduce from version 23.1.

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Improvements to masking tools in Premiere Pro 2023

From now on, we can easily apply masks to objects without losing quality or detail . It will be enough to add points around the object or detail, then we can edit the selected object with complete ease without the option to rotate or scale appearing in the pointer .

This will allow us to correct or remove objects from a video clip quickly and effectively without losing quality or distorting the final project.

Convert subtitles to editable graphics

This option will allow us to convert the subtitles of a project to editable graphics. Once converted, we can apply effects and transitions to animate the text on the screen.

We can adjust the times of each effect as well as the transitions using keyframes.

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Switch selection on multiple tracks

This new improvement will allow us to copy elements between different tracks to quickly navigate between them as well as to match the frame. We will have new options for manipulating audio, video and effects tracks, allowing you to work more effectively on the timeline.

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Additional compatibility improvements in Premiere Pro 2023:

  • ARRIRAW features improved playback in Premiere as well as improved looks. It has stable and fast real-time performance.
  • Automatic detection of registration color spaces for ARRI cameras and metadata for Anamorphic lenses.
  • Fluid compatibility with professional 8K cinema cameras.
  • Exporting color spaces for XAVC
  • Performance improvements with new Intel Series 13000 CPUs as well as Ryzen 7000.


Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 brings a host of new features and performance enhancements, catering to the evolving needs of content creators. Let’s delve into the significant improvements:

1. Masking Tools Upgrade:

  • Effortlessly apply masks to objects without compromising quality or detail.
  • Simplified editing by adding points around objects or details with easy rotation and scaling options.

Opinion: This enhancement streamlines the masking process, offering content creators a more intuitive and efficient way to edit and manipulate objects within their video clips.

2. Convert Subtitles to Editable Graphics:

  • Transform subtitles into editable graphics for more dynamic and animated text.
  • Apply effects and transitions to bring subtitles to life, adjusting timings with precision.

Opinion: This feature grants editors the flexibility to animate text creatively, enhancing the visual appeal of subtitles and contributing to a more engaging viewing experience.

3. Switch Selection on Multiple Tracks:

  • Copy elements seamlessly between different tracks for efficient navigation.
  • New options for manipulating audio, video, and effects tracks, facilitating streamlined timeline work.

Opinion: A time-saving addition that simplifies the process of working across multiple tracks, enabling smoother editing and improved organization.

4. Additional Compatibility Improvements:

  • Improved playback for ARRIRAW, providing stable and fast real-time performance.
  • Automatic detection of color spaces for ARRI cameras and metadata for Anamorphic lenses.
  • Enhanced compatibility with professional 8K cinema cameras and optimized performance for new Intel Series 13000 CPUs and Ryzen 7000.

Opinion: These compatibility improvements underscore Adobe Premiere Pro’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring seamless integration with cutting-edge camera technologies.

In Conclusion: Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 continues to solidify its position as a premier video editing tool, not just with feature additions but by addressing the practical needs of content creators. The focus on intuitive editing, dynamic text animation, and improved compatibility reflects Adobe’s dedication to empowering creators with a robust and user-friendly platform.


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