Adobe Audition CC 2023 – v23.6.0 – Audio Editing [WIN]

Adobe Audition CC 2023 for Windows

Adobe Audition CC 2023 has evolved to a lesser extent than applications like Adobe Photoshop CC 2023 , however, we will have improvements that will save time for music production and professional audio professionals.

The session markers will allow us to freely adjust and modify the markers for each audio track . We can also do the same with clip markers.

Adobe Audition CC 2023 free

Now, we can choose audio speeds 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x , etc. This will allow us to modify the audio playback speed according to our requirements.

The last option to highlight would be the possibility of copying and pasting effects from the effects rack , this will allow us to copy effects from one track to another in Multitrack and Waveform modes.

Without a doubt, this new update improves an application that is already complete in itself, so despite not seeing too many differences with the 2022 version, the new tools will be a time-saving advantage for its users.


Adobe Audition CC 2023 continues its legacy as a go-to digital audio workstation, introducing subtle yet impactful enhancements that streamline the workflow for music production and professional audio endeavors.

Noteworthy Features:

  1. Session Markers: The introduction of session markers empowers users to freely adjust and modify markers for each audio track. This flexibility enhances precision in editing and arranging audio elements.
  2. Clip Markers: Similar to session markers, clip markers offer a refined approach to managing and modifying markers at the clip level, contributing to a more granular and efficient editing process.
  3. Variable Audio Speeds: A notable addition is the ability to choose audio speeds such as 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x, providing users with the flexibility to modify playback speed based on specific requirements. This feature adds versatility to the audio editing toolkit.
  4. Copy-Pasting Effects: A significant time-saving feature is the capability to copy and paste effects directly from the effects rack. This facilitates the seamless transfer of effects from one track to another, enhancing the efficiency of both Multitrack and Waveform modes.

Overall Impression:

While Adobe Audition CC 2023 may not undergo a radical transformation, the subtle improvements introduced showcase Adobe’s commitment to refining an already comprehensive audio production tool. The session and clip markers, along with variable audio speeds and enhanced copy-pasting of effects, add valuable layers of efficiency for professionals in the field.

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